Our Various Types Of Lanyards

Lets begin with our most popular selection of lanyards.

  • Polyester
  • Bootlace
  • Nylon

All of these lanyards are

  • inexpensive – they will reach your budget guidelines.
  • effective – will help you achieve your particular goal.
  • direct – the number one way to advertise at events, trade shows, conferences and concerts.
  • practical – lightweight, thin, easy to carry, showcases your message across and safe.
  • handy – easily attaches card holders, vast range of add-ons and of great length and fitting.

We have two types of printing, one of which is

  • Full Sublimation – full colour print on both sides that can be printed with any artwork.
  • Solid Colour – a simple and cost effective approach to suit your company’s marketing budget.

Most Popular Lanyard Attachments

When picking your type of lanyard, you have a choice of attachments that are ;


Simple J Hook MetalSimple J Hook Metal (A1)
Alligator Clip Metal

Alligator Clip Metal (A2)

Alligator Clip Plastic

Alligator Clip Plastic (A3)

Simple J Hook Plastic

Simple J Hook Plastic (A4)

Deluxe Swivel

Deluxe Swivel (A5)

Executive Swivel

Executive Swivel (A6)

J Swivel

J Swivel

Superior O Clip

Superior “O” Clip (A8)

Plastic Swivel

Plastic Swivel (C1)

Plastic Clip

Plastic Clip (C2)

Matte Silver Metal Clip

Matte Silver Metal Clip (C3)

Polished Silver Metal Clip

Polished Silver Metal Clip (C4)

Detachable Cell Phone Holder

Detachable Cell Phone Holder (PH1)

Phone Holder

Phone Holder (PH2)

Safety Breakaway Clip

Safety Breakaway Clip (O1)

'O' Ring Connector

‘O’ Ring Connector

Lanyard Length Adjuster

Lanyard Length Adjuster (O3)

Water Bottle Holder

Water Bottle Holder (O4)

6cm Carabiner

6cm Carabiner

8cm Carabiner

8cm Carabiner

Browse through our website and pick the type that is right for you.


Multifunctional Silicone Wristbands That Will Get Everyone Talking

Multifunctional silicone wristbands are made for people all ages.This item comes with an extensive collection of colours, styles, sizes and offers unlimited possibilities for your plan.

To catch the fashion trend, a great number of people will make a collection of these wristbands and have them listed around the wrist to match their costume every single day. This stylish adornment that can go with any possible clothing really speaks for your taste automatically.

These wristbands are great for many institutions such as footy clubs, school, prestigious enterprises and more. They are made of silicone so that it is soft and adjusts to your wrist perfectly.

These wristbands can be passed out as give-away’s or souvenirs in football games, sales promotion, company anniversary celebration and many other blissful events.Capture

Low cost silicone wristbands create the best value for you money. Order these funky wristbands today.


Versatile Printed Lanyards

If you are looking for professional promotional printed lanyards, then this is the right place to go. With our printed lanyards, you can personalize your lanyards and choose your own ribbon color. With a huge range of printed lanyards, which are very popular, with a wide choice of ribbon color including black, navy blue, deep red, yellow, purple, green, grey and so on. Promotional printed lanyards are light weighted, and also they can be functioned for security requirements in places like concerts, hospitals, events or can be given out to employees as part of a uniform. Moreover, they are the perfect choice for occasions like exhibitions or trades as a brand or product displayer for the promotional function, also events, school function, conference, festival, exhibition, campaign or brand promotion and not to mention the quite useful tool to identify the employees. For all your printed lanyards supplies, we are the perfect choice you can have. If you like our range of printed lanyards, we are pleased to provide you with our best service. Just let us know what your requirements are when you put forward your order.



Functional Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands are widely used in numerous occasions to raise funds, to show VIP qualification, to show the support of a certain cause and so on, which come in a wide range of choices to the customers as for the colours, materials, sizes and prices.


These silicone wristbands are always affordable in the market, which are distributed directly from the factory, thus the price of them is more competitive than those supplied by other websites. You can always receive 100% satisfaction guarantee with the high quality of these items, which are produced under the strictest standards. Besides, there are many colour choices for you, such as the bright colours like red, orange and green or dark colours like black, grey and blue, which will certainly make you stand out among the crowd. In the mean time, all of them can be printed with the specific information for better promotion of brand.

Silicone wristbands are ideal promotional tools as they are great forms of advertising the products or service of your corporation at a low cost, while the benefits can be substantial for a long time.

How to Make Silicone Wristbands?

The easiest way to make your own silicone wristbands is to get customized ones ordered from manufacturers. There are online shops which will allow you to customize wristbands based on your chosen colours, sizes, written words, and patterns, etc. For those busy people who have no time for such self-made products, all of that is in your control except for the actual creation of the product.


But if you want full control from the very beginning, the best option is to make them at home. In order to do this, you need to prepare a batch of blank silicone wristbands in any colour and a screen printing machine or an embossing machine. In fact, these two machines will make a wristband look very differently, so you should pick the one that best accents the design you have in mind. But regarding the result, both machines work well with other materials. After having picked your phrase or word, you need to place the wristband in the machine, enter the design into the machine and wait for it to finish. When it comes out to your satisfaction, you can go ahead and make all the silicone wristbands you please.

Promotional Lanyards Are Effective with Low Cost

There are numerous reasons why promotional lanyards are commonly used during all kinds of marketing campaigns, for example, they are effective for promotion at an extremely low cost, thus offering an excellent choice for those organizations wanting to enhance their presence and brand name in the market.


This is a large supplier of promotional lanyards with a wide range of materials, lengths, widths, sizes and colours, for example, they can be made of nylon, woven and non-woven fabric and so on, and the price certainly changes with the material you choose, thus the customers can always choose those coming within the budget. Besides, the length and width can be selected freely, varying from tight size to loose size, in the case of exception, they can be customized for you. Above all, all of them are easy to be printed with the logo, name and other information on the cover, thus they can advertise the brand in a low-cost and effective way.

This website takes pride in introducing itself as one of the distinguished suppliers of qualified promotional lanyards, thus welcome to consult with us if any question.

Promotional Lanyards Are of Great Profits

Promotional lanyards are frequently used among companies, organizations and businesses in modern times, which are ideal promotions at low cost because of their wide application. Therefore, choosing the most appropriate ones is of great importance to impress the clients.


In this website, a series of promotional lanyards are supplied to you, and they are sure to fulfil well your end-purpose. If necessary, all of these items can be printed for you based on your special requirements, such as the name, logo and contact details on the cover. Therefore, some of these products can be unique, showing your company’s characteristics and leaving deep impression for the clients. For example, the ones which are printed with your name and contact details can be used to present your identity for security purpose, saving the trouble of identifying the participants one by one, and they can be given to the clients as giveaways.

This website has been established for numerous years, and you are sure to choose the most effective promotional lanyards here with low cost. Warmly welcome to contact with us and discuss the detail.

Elegant Custom Printed Lanyards

Logo lanyards are a versatile marketing tool for the business at any scale to show their characteristics, and they can be printed with your corporate branding, personalized messages for events and client gifts.


For any kind of companies and organizations, logo lanyards are perfect items to be applied during special corporate events to deliver the corporate message to the clients, employees and loyal customers in a convenient way. A large number of corporations or clubs have ordered some here to send them to the participants in next corporate events, thus the clients can have a better impression on the company. If you also want to enhance the image of your company, just choose some here. More importantly, you can rest assured that your corporate logo will be printed clearly and creatively on them, thus all the receipts can have a solid impression on your corporation.

Just click the category of logo lanyards in our website and select some that would suit your company for your next promotional event, which are sure to maximize your corporate benefits.

Lanyards Auckland Come in Abundant Selections

Lanyards Auckland provide all the organizations an ideal way to expose the brand or service to large amount of potential customers, which can be ready for distribution as identification purpose whenever a corporate event is going to be held.


Trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences and promotional activities are frequently held in the modern business world, during which the security issue is of great importance, thus lanyards Auckland can be of great help to check the identification of each participant in a convenient and effective way. All of these versatile items can be printed with the name, logo or contact information of your corporation, thus all the participants can remember your brand when holding them in the neck or hand. In the mean time, the choice of these items is abundant enough, including the widest range of colours, sizes, materials and lengths, thus there must be ones that come within the original budget of your corporation.

Lanyards Auckland are perfect advertising tools for your next corporate events, and you will be likely to stay ahead of the marketing game by the use of them.

Qualified Lanyards Auckland

The lanyards Auckland can be used during conferences, trade shows, exhibitions and any other promotional activities, which can be an effective advertising tool for all kinds of corporations.

lanyard auckland

All of the lanyards Auckland come in a wide range of colours, sizes, materials and styles, thus you are sure to find the most appropriate ones here whenever you need some. Besides, all of them are supplied at a most competitive price compared with those in other websites, and then they come always come within your budget and bring much more profits to your corporation. Furthermore, they can be used to advertise the brand effectively once printed with some basic corporate information, such as the company name, logo or other information. With a team of professional experts on hand, this website has won highly praise from a large number of clients in the world because of its low price, considerate service and high quality.

With the largest range of lanyards Auckland being offered in this website, which are guaranteed with best quality and considerate customer service, thus why shop anywhere else? You are warmly welcomed to contact with us if any other questions.